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ROTI PRATA  印度麵包   (A1) VEGE   – $4 CHICKEN  – $5

Indian style pancake, served in a dhal curry sauce or curry potato chicken

SATAY  沙爹(牛//鴛鴦) (A2) (beef / chicken / mix) – $8

Charcoal grilled on bamboo skewers, served with peanut sauce

CURRY SAMOSA  咖喱角    (A3) – $7

Pastry puff with curry potato

SATAY TOFU  沙爹豆腐  (A4) – $8

Fried tofu stuffed with bean sprouts, cucumber, served with sweet peanut sauce

THAI SPRING ROLL  泰式春卷  (A5) – $7

Crispy golden spring roll with sweet  chili sauce

EDAMAME  毛豆 (A6) – $6

Steamed soybeans, lightly sprinkled with  sea salt

SUMMER ROLL (vege or shrimp)   越南卷 (菜或蝦) (A7) – $8

Thinly rice wrapper with lettuce, basil, mint leaves, bean sprouts and shredded carrot, served with homemade sweet sauce with peanut

TP DUMPLINGS (steamed or panfried)  太平鍋貼 (蒸或煎) (A8) – $8

Dumplings with chicken, served with homemade ginger soy sauce

PEANUT LETTUCE WRAP (chicken or tofu)  生菜包 (雞或豆腐)   (A9) – $12

Minced chicken / tofu cube sauteed in lemongrass sauce, served with fresh lettuce and peanut sauce

CRISPY WONTON  炸雲吞 (A10) – $8

Fried wonton stuffed with minced chicken and shrimp

BEANCURD ROLL 腐皮蝦卷 (A11) – $8

Fried beancurd roll with shrimp paste

TP WINGS  太平雞翅 (A12) – $8

Our famous deep fried chicken wings marinated with house recipe spices

DUCK BUN  鸭包  (A13) – $10

Duck slices over steamed buns brushed with hoisin sauce, cucumber and scallion

SPICED CALAMARI  香炸魷魚 (A14) – $10

Tempura calamari sauteed with five spice siracha sauce

TOD MUN PLA  太平鱼饼 (A15) – $10

Fried ground fish cake spiced with fresh kaffir lime leave and string bean served with sweet and sour cucumber sauce