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Curry Lovers



(served with jasmine rice)

SHRIMP    ………..18 BEEF  牛肉  …….16 CHICKEN  雞肉 …….15 VEGETARIAN  蔬菜  …….15

GREEN CURRY  綠咖喱      (C1)

Aromatic most spicy curry with basil, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, string bean and eggplant

RED CURRY  紅咖喱       (C2)

Light in body with basil, bamboo shoot, bell pepper and eggplant

PANANG CURRY  巴南咖喱       (C3)

Well balanced curry with peanuts, kaffir lime leave, bell pepper and string bean

MASAMMAN CURRY  馬沙曼咖喱       (C4)

Peanut based curry with onion,  carrot and potato

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