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Lunch Specials


Lunch Menu is only available from 11:30am to 3:00pm, Monday thru Friday (Excluding Holidays). All orders are served with Soup of the Day • No substitutions are allowed.

     Indicates dishes severed with steamed Jasmine Rice.  (Coconut Rice, Brown Rice 1.00 Extra)

L1  thru  L12–

Choice of: SHRIMP  蝦  …$9.50 BEEF  牛肉 …$9.50 CHICKEN  雞肉  …$9.00 VEGE  蔬菜 …$9.00

L1 – GREEN CURRY  綠咖喱  

Aromatic most spicy curry with basil, bamboo shoot,  bell pepper, string bean and eggplant

L2 – RED CURRY  紅咖喱               

Light in body with basil, bamboo shoot, bell pepper  and eggplant

L3 – PANANG CURRY  巴南咖喱        

Well balanced curry with peanuts, kaffir lime leave,  bell pepper and string bean

L4 – MASAMMAN CURRY  馬沙曼咖喱        

Peanut based curry with onion, carrot and potato

L5 – THAI PIN FRIED RICE  太平炒飯     

Signature fried rice with egg, onion, tomato, Chinese broccoli

L6 – GREEN CURRY FRIED RICE  綠咖喱炒飯        

 Eggplant, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, basil,  green curry paste


Pineapple, egg, cashew nuts, raisin, bell pepper and onion

L8 – PAD THAI  北泰炒粿條    

The famous Thai thin flat rice noodles stir-fried with egg, pickles, bean sprouts, onion, chives and crushed peanut

L9 – CHAR KWAY TEOW   太平炒粿條    

Malaysia famous stir-fry thin flat noodles with egg, bean sprouts, chive and soy sauce

L10 – PAD KEE MAO  香葉炒河粉       Stir-fry broad flat rice noodles with egg, basil, onion,  bell peppers and tomato


L11 – PAD SEE LEW  干炒河粉     

Stir-fry broad flat rice noodles with Chinese broccoli, egg, in black sweet soy sauce

L12 – MEE SIAM  米鮮      

Stir-fry rice noodles with tofu, bean sprouts,  bell peppers, hardboiled egg in a spicy Thai chili  sauce with crushed peanut


L13  thru L15 –

Choice of : SHRIMP  蝦  …$9.50 BEEF  牛肉 …$9.50 CHICKEN  雞肉  …$9.00 TOFU  豆腐  … $9.00

L13 – PAD BASIL  香葉炒

Sauteed with basil, garlic, chili, bell pepper and onion

** Beef and Chicken are minced **

L14 – PATTAYA GINGER  姜蔥炒                          

  Fine slices of ginger roots, carrot, mushroom, scallion and onion in a brown sauce

L15 – FARMERS DELIGHT  農夫蔬菜   

Wok sauteed mixed veggies in a light garlic sauce



L16 – CURRY NOODLE SOUP  太平咖喱面    – $9.00

Mix of rice noodles and yellow egg noodles in vegetarian coconut curry broth with bean sprouts, tofu, okra and eggplant

L17 – WONTON NOODLE SOUP  雲吞湯麵 – $9.00

Yellow egg noodle, wonton (minced chicken and shrimp), chicken, mushroom, Chinese brocolli in a chicken broth

L18 – PRAWN NOODLE SOUP  正宗蝦面     – $9.50 

Malaysia famous mix of rice noodles and yellow egg noodles served in chef’s special shrimp broth with kang kung and hardboiled egg

L19 – SAM ROD TILAPIA  三味非洲鯽魚片          – $9.50 

Fried tilapia fillet, basil, bell pepper, tomato, pineapples in tamarind sauce


L20 – BLACK BEAN FLOUNDER  豉汁龍利魚片    – $9.50  

Fried flounder fillet with onion and bell pepper in  black bean sauce

L21 – PEANUT LETTUCE WRAP (chicken or tofu)  生菜包(雞或豆腐)   – $9.50

 Minced chicken or tofu cube sauteed in lemongrass sauce, served with fresh lettuce and peanut sauce

L22 – RENDANG CHICKEN  干咖喱雞           – $9.50

Aromatic curry infused with chili paste, shallots and lemongrass

L23 – CURRY POTATO CHICKEN   咖喱薯仔雞        – $9.00 

Seasoned curry potato with Malaysian curry spices

L24 – KUNG PAO CHICKEN  宮保雞        – $9.00 

Sauteed deep fried chicken with onion, dry chili and peanuts

L25 – SESAME CHICKEN   芝麻雞    – $9.00 

Quick fried chicken sauteed with sesame seeds in brown sweet and tangy sauce, and American broccoli